It was a desk with three drawers.



It was a desk with three drawers. My dad built it so that my sister and I would have a desk to do homework on. We shared the desk, as we did the bunk beds, and the closet. But the most important thing to me was the bottom drawer of the desk. Inside that bottom drawer were my treasures. It held my rainbow of embroidery floss, a myriad of construction paper, colored pencils and glues. Scraps of fabric, thread, and any number of odd bits and pieces to create with were crammed into that drawer. If a Saturday wasn’t filled with raking leaves, or doing chores, I went to that drawer to find something to put together. 

That was how my passion to create was fueled. I made things out of fabric, then embroidered them. I made things out of paper, then made mobiles out of them. I took every class I could in High School that had anything to do with making things. In my sophomore year I made a piece of metal jewelry, and that’s when I was hooked. I had found my medium. There was a new jewelry class starting in my Junior year so I took it, and followed it in my Senior year with independent study focusing on jewelry. 

All these years later I still have a desk with three drawers. Only now it is a jewelers bench; filled with metal scraps, sheet, wire and stones. Oh, so many stones to fuel my passion. All just waiting to be combined into my latest creation.



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